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Make sure you can stop on a dime

When you hear a grinding or squeaking sound when you press on the brake pedal, you need to take note of this. Sometimes there's just a bit of dust in there and the sound will go away by the next day. Sometimes if your brakes are wet they can make a similar noise but again, it goes away fairly quickly. When you hear the same sound for more than a couple days or it is coupled with reduced stopping power, you can't afford to delay. Call or stop in to Chris Diagnostic Inc. to let our ASE-certified technicians inspect your brakes and make sure your vehicle is safe to drive.

Don't bottom out your car

When your car continues to bounce well past that dip in the road, it's a sign that your shocks and struts might be worn out. To avoid causing more damage to your car by "bottoming out" your car, you need to let our trained technicians provide you with expert suspension repairs so that you won't even notice the bumps in the road.

Enjoy a smooth ride

Let us help keep the bump out of the road for you

•  Complete brake service

•  Tie-rods

•  Springs

•  Competitive prices

•  Shocks and struts

•  Racks

•  Wheel alignment